Custom Machining

Machine Shop and Facilities Information

Cameron Manufacturing and Design offers a 'State of the Art' Machine Shop which includes CNC Programmed Equipment that allows us to meet tight tolerances as well as adding another capability to our turnkey operation.

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CNC Router

AXYZ Pacer 4008 CNC Router:

  • 48” x 96” capacity
  • Multi-zone vacuum table
  • Up to 1200 IPM feed Rate
  • 2 Heads - 24,000 RPM router
  • Spindle with tool changer & tangential knife

Gantry 5 Axis Mill

Forest Line Sera Mill:

  • X travel (240 inches)
  • Y travel (98.5 inches)
  • Z travel (37.0 inches)
  • Height under Bridge (48.00 inches)
  • Distance between Columns (98.5 inches)
  • Tilting Spindle / 10,000# lb capacity table
  • 10 ton overhead crane

5 Axis Programmable Gantry Mill

Forest Line Modu Mill:

  • X travel (275.5 inches)
  • Y travel (166.25 inches)
  • Z travel (59.75 inches)
  • Height under Bridge (75.5 inches)
  • 2.5 degree indexing
  • Distance between columns (138 inches)
  • 10 ton overhead crane


MAZAK Quick Turn Nexus 450-II CNC Lathe with live tooling:

  • Maximum Swing: (33.27 inches)
  • Maximum Machining Diameter: (23 inches)
  • Maximum Machining Length: (121.31 inches)

Precision Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting of Complex Shapes

  • CNC controlled, x, y, and z axis simultaneous control.
  • Maximum Cutting Power: 4000 watts
  • Maximum Sheet Weight: 2,028 pounds• Maximum Sheet Size: 48” x 120”
  • Maximum Axes Positioning Speed: 3,150 inches per minute per axis
  • Maximum Axis Positioning Speed: 3,150 inches per minute (80 m/min) per axis
  • Our LC-2012C1 has a 22 ton, 45 station turret press built in
  • Automated Sheet Loader with maximum weight capacity of 6,613 pounds

CAD/CAM Capabilities

  • We can import your flat layout in a variety of formats directly into our system.
  • We will also design and engineer from your conceptual drawing.

Precision Laser Cutting

We have the ability to process stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and more, including hardened materials,pre-formed and pre-fabricated parts.

Water jet:

  • 6’ x 12’ Bed
  • 60,000 PSI Cutting Pressure
  • + - 0.003 inches
  • This powerful water jet Machines virtually any material and thickness

Quality Control for our Customers

Our quality standard is the same no matter what service we provide. Thoughtful planning, careful and punctual project execution, and thorough inspection is part of every job at CMD.
This standard of quality includes inspection during all phases of production; first article, in-process inspection, and final inspection.

From first plan to final product CMD:

>> Effectively meets the needs of our clients in a prompt and orderly fashion, providing high quality products that both the client and CMD are proud of.

A Wide Variety of Materials Are Available In Stock

A wide variety of materials are available in stock to meet your requirements. Select from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. We carry sheet, plate, grating, perforated metals, angle, tubing, flat bar, round bar, and assorted structural shapes.

We also use specialty materials to meet our customer's unique requirements.