CMD Products in Upstate New York


M151 Body Panels

We are an ESOP company and have been in business for over 30 years. Cameron is a contract manufacturer that offers a full range of sheet metal fabrication, machining, welding and engineering services. This site is dedicated to the M151 ¼ ton series truck. The parts that we manufacture are as close as possible to the originals. We use the correct sheet metal gauge, match the bend radii and have purchased custom tooling for stiffener ribs and drains.

Parts are manufactured from American made materials on modern CNC Lasers and Press Brakes ensuring accurate and consistent part quality.
Rotary Indexing — Fabrications and Weldments in Horseheads,NY

Specialty Fasteners

Cameron Manufacturing and Design is a contract manufacturer in Horseheads, NY. One of Cameron's specialties is machinery and equipment that is used in high temperature environments. Because of this, we require many fasteners made from various exotic materials, such as high temperature stainless steels and super-alloys.

For years Cameron struggled with issues from our specialty fastener suppliers, including low quality, high price, and long lead times. Eventually, Cameron determined that we would be better off if we made our own fasteners in-house.

We are now happy to offer our services as a manufacturer of specialty fasteners from a wide variety of materials including, but not limited to:

• 309, 310, 330, 410, 420, and 17-4 stainless steels
• Haynes® 120, 214, and 230
• Various Inconel®, Hastelloy®, and other nickel or cobalt based alloys

All fasteners made by Cameron are precision machined to a Class 3 tolerance. They also conform to a UNR profile, instead of the standard UN profile. This thread profile fits other standard UN threads, but includes a controlled radius at the crest and root of the thread. This produces a thread with increased strength.