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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication


Let’s Tackle Your Next Sheet Metal Fabrication Project

When you need custom sheet metal fabrication services, we’re here to help. Our skilled employees can create the perfect product to meet your functional and safety requirements. With industry experience dating back to 1983 and two robust locations on the East Coast, Cameron Manufacturing & Design offers premium custom sheet metal fabrication services to organizations across the United States.

Our Shop’s Advanced Equipment

At Cameron Manufacturing & Design, we invest in the best equipment to ensure our customers receive quality products.

Laser and Waterjet Equipment
  • Amada ENSIS 4020 AJ, 9,000 kw Fiber Laser, 72" x 144"— with Auto Sheet Loader
  • Amada Punch/Laser — 2,500 watt LC 2012 CI NT with sheet loader
  • Flow Mach 500 waterjet — 90,000 PSI

Forming Equipment
  • Cincinnati 230 ton — two axis/12’ with CNC Control
  • Cincinnati 175 ton — two axis/14’ with CNC Control
  • (2) Amada 137 ton — four axis/10’ with CNC Control
  • Amada HRB 2204 Press Brake — 220 ton, 14' Bed, six axis
  • Amada 88 ton — four axis/8’ with CNC Control
  • Amada EG6013 Electric Press Brake — 53" five axis
  • Pacific 75 ton — two axis/8’ with CNC Control
  • 80 KVA (max capacity) 460-Volt Amada ID40St Spot Welder with programmable controller
  • 55 TIG welders
  • 33 MIG welders
  • 10 Pulse MIG welders
  • Miller 30 KVA with 24” throat and auto cycle
  • ARC Machine Model 227 orbital welder
  • SWI Spot Welder w/Rocker Arm Style

Finishing Equipment
  • Powder Coating- 10'W x 8'H x 12'D Oven
  • Enclosed paint booth 34’ x 16’ x 13’ tall
  • Dupont color net paint matching system
  • Sand blasting/glass bead room 28’ x 20’
  • Sand blasting/glass bead cabinets 48” x 48”
  • Sweco vibro finisher
  • Simco vibro finisher
  • 36” wet system time saver
  • Doucet stroke sander 48” x 96” table

Why Choose Cameron Manufacturing & Design?

Since 1983, Cameron Manufacturing & Design has been providing quality sheet metal services to companies across the United States. Our two locations employ hundreds of skilled employees who value quality workmanship, on-time delivery, and a desire for unmatchable customer service. We strive to keep our facilities clean, safe, and efficient to ensure we fabricate and deliver the highest quality products to our customers. We’re ready to tackle your next project, no matter how big or small.

Ready to get started on your sheet metal fabrication project? Reach out to one of our helpful team members for a quote.

Trust the CMD Team With Your Next Project

Our highly-skilled team across multiple areas of expertise will deliver a finished product that meets or exceeds your expectations.