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Customers hire us for our expertise in these areas:

We excel in metal fabrication, CNC machining, and welding across several U.S. industries. For the food, beverage, and dairy industries, any sanitary issues are detrimental to the health and safety of your customers. Our 3A stainless steel production capabilities ensure quality you can count on. And for those and all other industries, our full-service, multi-disciplinary project solutions from engineering and design to installation will help you improve quality and service levels to push your business forward.

Where Our Custom Metal Products & Services Shine
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Food, Beverage, & Dairy

Our adherence to USDA and 3A Industrial Standards results in products and equipment you can trust to keep your products safe for the end customer. Our product options include stainless steels T304, T304L, T316, and T316L for common applications, and hastelloy and inconel for high-corrosive applications.

Rail & Transit

For the rail & transit industries, we’re able to create custom metal products that help things run more smoothly. Our expert engineers can help improve complex signaling systems to keep track operations safe.

rail and transit
metal fabrication process


Sheet metal fabrication is essential for the automotive industry. CMD can create accurate and durable custom metal parts for any automotive application.