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    Quality & Environmental Policy

    Cameron Manufacturing & Design is dedicated to customer satisfaction by striving to produce our best quality in every phase of our business while also protecting the environment.

    Cameron Manufacturing & Design (CMD) is committed to providing a quality product while protecting the environment. CMD strives for continual improvement of its products, services and its Quality – Environmental Management System. Our QEMS Policy demonstrates our commitment to the following:

    1. A commitment to comply with, and where practicable, exceed the requirements of the QEMS;
    2. A commitment to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution, use of sustainable resources, and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems;
    3. A commitment to comply with all relevant QE compliance obligations, customer and product requirements, industry guidelines, and any other QE commitments made by the organization;
    4. Establishment of QE objectives and targets that demonstrate our commitment to this policy; Demonstrate(s) executive management’s commitment to customer satisfaction;
    5. A commitment to work with downstream partners, customers, and suppliers to fulfill our quality and environmental goals; and
    6. A willingness to always strive towards continual improvement of our QEMS to enhance QE performance.

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