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How to Find the Right Custom Design and Manufacturing Team

May 16, 2023

Finding the perfect custom design and manufacturing team for projects involving complex metal components and equipment takes careful consideration of all aspects. Ensuring efficient processes, exceptional quality, and turnkey solutions will be integral to the performance of your finished product — and starts with choosing the right production partner.

If you need custom design and manufacturing services, CMD can meet your needs. See the qualities that make us a perfect fit for precisely manufactured solutions below.

On-Site Engineers

Having engineers readily available to consult on every step of the design, prototyping, and manufacturing process is a major advantage for custom design and manufacturing services. Mechanical and manufacturing design engineers help innovate solutions for complex projects, improve efficiency in the manufacturing process, and ensure the quality of the final part or product.

During the design process, mechanical and electrical engineers ensure that designs and manufacturing plans fit your application seamlessly. While prototyping, engineering and design experts tweak designs and processes to be more cost and time efficient and match the priorities necessitated by the application like durability, flexibility, chemical resistance, and more. Once your project reaches the production phase, on-site engineers audit the production process, work on continuous improvement plans, and make sure the final product is of superior quality.

With experience in designing expertly engineered equipment like mechanical and electrical controls or test equipment, chemical processing equipment, and food-grade sanitary processing equipment, CMD’s mechanical and electrical engineers are essential contributors to our quality products and efficient production processes. Our fully managed design and engineering process starts with scope development and project scheduling and doesn’t end until installation is complete. No matter the size of the project, from sound structures to machine tooling, material handling equipment, and beyond, CMD will manage the entire process to create a fully turnkey, custom solution.

Quality Workmanship

Perhaps the most obvious and important aspect of an exceptional custom design and manufacturing team is the quality of the output — the finished product — and its ability to excel and last in its intended application. From diverse capabilities to top-of-the-line equipment, highly skilled employees, quality testing, and beyond, several aspects of a metal manufacturing facility combine to create ideal completed parts or equipment.

A manufacturer that combines capabilities for multiple methods like machining, fabrication, and welding will be able to create complex components and equipment from start to finish. CNC machines use pre-programmed computer software to guide complex machinery, making them capable of producing even the most intricate metal parts.Both laser jet and water jet cutting are versatile, efficient processes that can achieve specific shapes in various material thicknesses and strengths.

A variety of fabrication techniques like cutting, casting, forging, punching, drawing, milling, drilling, and extrusion form metals into the shapes needed, while welding fuses parts together to create completed tools, parts, and machinery. All of these manufacturing capabilities, when combined, allow CMD to design and manufacture custom metal parts and equipment to exacting standards while acting as a convenient, one-stop shop for the entire process.

An employee-owned company since 2007, all of Cameron Manufacturing & Design’s technicians take immense ownership and pride in their work. By following industry-specific quality standards and using state-of-the-art equipment, CMD ensures that your final product will meet or exceed expectations.

Equipment Installation Services

At the end of an efficient turnkey operation lies extensive equipment installation services. Hands-on support for both installation and start-up of new parts and equipment is a major benefit for avoiding machine downtime as much as possible. Flexible options for on-site support meet your unique needs to ensure efficiency in all aspects.

A couple of elements for a successful installation process include having experts across several techniques present during installation and using fully-equipped vehicles to transport new equipment. These two qualities allow for any on-site modifications to occur quickly during the installation process without incurring more downtime than is necessary. As complex custom projects may require these kinds of last-minute changes to work within your facility, this benefit is invaluable for finishing the production process efficiently and successfully.

Cameron Manufacturing & Design offers high-quality, EPA-approved finishing customized for each application and material. Our capabilities to create custom documentation like 2D and 3D drawing packages, standard operating procedures, specifications, and training manuals combine with flexible on- and off-site support to make sure your equipment is up and running smoothly as quickly as possible. We even offer off-shift installations to coordinate with your schedule and eliminate downtime.

CMD Excels at Custom Design and Manufacturing

Combining all of the elements discussed above, CMD is a trusted partner for all of your custom design and manufacturing needs. Our on-site mechanical and electrical engineers, cross-disciplinary capabilities, strict quality control standards, and convenient equipment installation ensure an efficient process ending in exceptional quality custom components and machinery.

Reach out to one of our experts today to discuss how Cameron Manufacturing & Design can deliver on your custom design and manufacturing needs.

Trust the CMD Team With Your Next Project

Our highly-skilled team across multiple areas of expertise will deliver a finished product that meets or exceeds your expectations.