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When Do You Need Custom Welding Fabrication Services?

May 08, 2023

Custom Welding Fabrication Services Aid Remanufacturing and Repairing Processes

Custom welding fabrication services can be a major asset to your business in certain situations. But, how do you know the investment is worth it? At what point should you transition from getting parts from the OEM to outsourcing your fabrication to a metal fabrication company? Here, we’ll discuss three reasons why you should consider custom welding services.

What are Custom Welding Services?

Custom welding may include refurbishing and upgrading equipment, custom building new gear, manufacturing sheet metal assemblies and components, producing heavy fabrications, and more. It’s often the least expensive, quickest, and most efficient way to repair damage and get your operation moving again.

When You Should Consider Custom Welding Fabrication Services

There are three main indicators that show when you should stop using mass-produced parts and pursue custom welding fabrication services.

When You Need to Replace Outdated Parts

Organizations with older equipment will run into outdated parts more often. In these cases, finding replacement parts or repair services causes unnecessary headaches. Seeking out a custom welding fabrication provider to re-create the part will save you time and stress in the long run. An experienced partner will be able to reverse engineer a component to quickly get your operation back up and running.

When You Need Reliable Parts

When you employ custom welding services, you get parts that are created to tight tolerances and match the exact dimensions and shape you need. Compared to mass-produced parts, custom-designed products will be subjected to less wear and tear because they fit your machinery exactly. This leads to huge long-term savings due to the improved durability and performance.

When You Need to Reduce Part Weight

When you need a lightweight part, a custom fabricator can create it using aluminum or magnesium steel, depending on your needs. When you rely on stock parts, you’re subjected to whichever metal alloy that company chose. Using lighter custom fabricated parts can save you on shipping and transportation costs and may improve the longevity of your operation.

Work with an Experienced Custom Welding Partner

When you’re looking for a custom welding fabrication company, trust Cameron Manufacturing & Design. Founded in 1983, we have decades of experience with custom welding, machining, metal finishing, and engineering design. We also offer equipment installation services, making us a turnkey operation for your custom parts.

We started with one location in Horseheads, New York and — thorough organic growth — now have a second facility in Orlando, Florida. Our New York facility features a massive manufacturing space, with a large area dedicated to indoor storage for raw materials, inventory, and works in progress. It also features a secured building dedicated to proprietary products and fabrications that require special treatment. Our Florida location adds another 18,000 square feet of space to our already large manufacturing footprint.

We currently employ hundreds of skilled employees who offer manufacturing solutions to companies all across the United States. Since our inception, the backbone of our company has been quality workmanship, on-time delivery, and a desire for unmatchable customer service. No matter the industry, we’re here to provide quality products, every time.

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